Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives
Department of Livestock Services
Directorate of Animal Health
Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
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Dr. Vijay Chandra Jha
Director General
Dr.Pooja Sharma
Information Officer

Our Services

With the emergence and reemergence of diseases with public health concern veterinary. Services have to show its efficiency and must be well equipped with trained human resources and necessary logistics. Besides, for the smooth implementation of programs in the field level and to handle emergency situation, veterinary services must be included in Essential services of the country. Review of existing plans and policies with allocation of qualified human resource and logistics is urgently required to handle the emergency Situations.


DAH and offices under DAH are playing key role in the enforcement of legislations, Diagnosis, prevention and control of animal diseases of economic and zoometric Importance, formulation and application of standards as per international compliance for Veterinary quality control.


DAH is playing vital role as its service has been oriented for the benefit of public at large. It is implementing programs to increase production of milk, eggs and meat in the country With national policies focused on the same. Keeping in mind the foresaid objectives, annual programs of the directorate were Designed and implemented. Programs conducted through different organizations under DAH have tried to fulfill these objectives.. If further details are needed then readers are Requested to contact DAH or its concerned offices.